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Current Opportunities

Take a look at a few featured opportunities to see a sampling of the types of opportunities we can connect you with, keep checking in as we update these periodically:

BUSINESSES FOR SALE- Avoid the Start Up Risk!

1) Truck & Auto Servicing – Business Succession Planning: Transportation, Warehousing & Wholesale – Selling Price: $1,000,001-$2.5M.

2) Car and Truck Rental Franchise  – Business Succession Planning: Retail Trade & Food Services – Selling Price: $0-$100K

3) Nursery  – Business Succession Planning: Retail Trade & Food Services – Selling Price: $1,000,001-$2.5M

4) Business Succession Planning: Recreation & Tourism Industries – Selling Price: $1,000,001-$2.5M

Description: Well-built 17 unit motel with 3-bedroom owner’s suite (presently) rented for $1500 per month all inclusive.

5) Car Dealership: Business Succession Planning: Other Services – Selling Price: $1,000,001-$2.5M

Description: Automotive; Auto Business for Sale


1) Ontario’s number one producer of sheep, apples and hay. There is additional strength in dairy and beef. Significant serviced industrial lands for processing and export is available. Recently, an Ontario Forage Processor began processing hay for Canadian and export market. This featured community continues to have an extremely diverse agricultural economy. While the number of farms decreased nation-wide by 5.9% between 2011 and 2016, this community gained 2.5%. In the same period, there was a 61% increase in gross farm receipts from $288,295,498 to $463,676,995.


1) Actively seeking businesses related to aviation services. Airport facility that is modern, well equipped facility designed to accommodate a wide range of aircraft including large corporate jets, turboprops, and narrow-body airliners including the B737-800.

Potential Uses:

Corporate Aviation, Operations, Executive Air Charter, Rotary Wing Operations, Flight Training, Aircraft/Avionics, Maintenance, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft grooming, Shared aircraft hangars, Aerial Survey, Sightseeing, FBO Operations, Light Corporate Aviation, Hangars, Private/Prestige Aircraft, T Hangars, Aircraft tie-down, Large aircraft maintenance repair (MRO) facilities, Aircraft painting/ refurbishing, Airline maintenance, Manufacturing, Light industrial, Warehousing, Air cargo/courier facilities, Non-aviation uses, Recreational Uses, Agriculture, and Solar farm.

 Airport land (214 acres) – specialty zoning for supply chain, aerospace related projects. Competitive lease costs, flexible lease terms and city tax incentives. Daily commercial flights with approximately 500,000 passengers annually. High public visibility with Airshow, Aerospace EXPO, Tradex, and commercial jet traffic.

3) Positioned on over 800 acres, this airport site is located 2.5 hours from Toronto Pearson International Airport. With a 5,000 ft runway, it presents a unique opportunity for aviation related investment. The site was once the safety failsafe for the Toronto International Airport. The airport is owned by the local municipality that is eager to see it developed.


1) Existing and potential energy investment opportunities. With the largest nuclear generating plant an hour away (8 reactor) the regional workforce and supply chain is growing and has potential. Nuclear related investment would be welcomed and supported.

A joint venture with local farmers and Samsung built a 350 acre solar farm, complete with 192,000 solar panels and 420 sheep. With significant land along the main power line corridor, other opportunities exist.

Additionally, PPG operated a large flat-glass facility for over 20 years and could present an opportunity for a solar panel manufacturer and investment firm to produce and install large scale solar power.

Other opportunities include location of a data center with cooler climate and dependable power from the power generating company and/or green energy.

2) Biomass to wood pellet: need investor to invest in producing and marketing wood pellets for heating purposes making using of Northern Ontario’s various bio-resources. Wood pellets have been in use in Europe for over twenty years and continue to grow. Canada and China as well. The premium wood pellet market for Canada is expected to grow to 500,000 by the year 2020 from just over 200,000 tons in 2015 based on Future Metrics. Ideal investment amount for overall project is $8 million. Investor could invest partial or all.


1) Actively seeking partnerships for design / build and ‘build-to-suit’ opportunities. Pre-qualified industrial properties that are primed for development and ready for investment.

Permitted Uses Include:

Accessory Administrative Offices, Accessory Retail Sale of Goods Produced on the Premise, Accessory Use and Building,  Airfield (Private), Automotive Body Shop, Automotive Maintenance Garage, Bulk Fuel Depot, Contractor’s Shop or Yard / Heavy Equipment, Dry Cleaning Establishment, Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities, Printing and Publishing Establishment, and Propane & Natural Gas Conversion Establishment.


1) 42 Acres Available: Create a custom lot to suit your needs

Permitted Uses Include:

  • Custom Workshop
  • Light equipment sales and rental establishment
  • Printing establishment
  • Restricted manufacturing, processing and assembly establishment
  • Service and repair establishment
  • Storage and warehouse establishment
  • Wholesale establishment
  • Accessory dwelling
  • Accessory retail commercial sale of goods manufactured, processed or assembled on the premises
  • Accessory office
  • Heavy equipment sales and rental establishment
  • Contactors yard
  • Manufacturing, processing and assembly establishment
  • Motor vehicle body shop
  • Motor vehicle service establishment
  • Recreational vehicle sales and service establishment
  • Truck or transportation terminal
  • Warehousing
  • Agricultural produce warehouse
  • Farm equipment and implement sales and service
  • Feed mill
  • Marine sales and service establishment
  • Motor vehicle sales and service establishment
  • School bus storage and maintenance facility
  • Commercial parking lot

2) Approximately 1,000 acres in size and consists of a wide range of industrial, commercial, and tourism-based uses on a range of lot sizes.

Permitted Uses Include:

Manufacturing, Warehousing, Assembly, Processing, Research facilities, Storage uses, and Employment supportive uses such as: office, tourism and recreational, commercial and highway commercial.

 This commercial harbour is owned and managed by Transport Canada for commercial shipping with over 1200 m of dockage and a depth of 22 ft (depending on water levels). The harbour currently receives and exports salt, aggregate, grains and cement, as well as heavy lift equipment and windmill parts. The 93,000 metric tonne grain elevator owned by P&H that can receive and export grains worldwide through great lakes. The elevator can accept 750 ft vessels and small salties. The grain elevator is unique in that it has 300 bins of separation making it ideal for specialty crops, and non-gmo separation. It is the closest southwestern Ontario harbour to the ports of Dueluth and Chicago.

OPPORTUNITY: Opportunities exist for value added processing on site or in the nearby industrial park.


Location offers hotel entrepreneur an opportunity to develop and build a hotel facility. High demand for Hotel, conference facilities. Occupancy rates this summer for hotels reached 99%.


1) Looking for manufacturers or complementary businesses for printing, food manufacturing (ice cream, bottled water, chicken and turkey processing), mining equipment, grains and milling, pharmaceutical packaging, furniture, commercial dishwashers, and OEM auto-parts. Serviced industrial land is approximately $35k-$45 thousand per acre with numerous parcels available including a half a dozen larger parcels of over 40 acres. Beyond that, larger parcels are available and could be serviced. With over 11% of the workforce employed in the sector. Because of the lower cost of living and the natural beauty of the area, employers consistently say their dedicated and low turnover workforce is their main success factor. The region has expertise in


1) First Nations land – leasing opportunities available. Ideal for conference facility, hotels. This land is highly accessible to Hwy 1, US border, and the international airport.